What’s the Difference Between Hard Tips and Soft Tips on Pool Cues?

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TheCannondale97 says:

For the past few years Ive used Kamui soft tips and then just tried and ultra skin medium tip on this new to me “Douglas” cue. Boy the english of the Kamui is great but the Ultra Skin is almost just as good and I realy Didnt think that a Medium tip could get so much spin! Boy was I wrong

BrandonBilliardGuy says:

The Sarin tip on Venom shafts is a Medium-Soft.

BloodB4th812 says:

whats the hardness of a sarin tip from the venom shaft?

Zastava says:

Does the firmness of the tip affect the accuracy of the stroke? I’ve always heard that soft tips are great for english, but not so good for accuracy, and vice versa for hard tips.

JOSH50H says:

Brandon. You’re awesome man

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